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Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

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    Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

Many dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions can be improved with fractional laser skin resurfacing. Only Palomar® technology, used to perform fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing at the Oasis Skin Institute, gives you a fractional skin resurfacing system to treat all these conditions quickly and cost-effectively.

Fractional laser skin resurfacing with Palomar® maximizes your aesthetic outcomes while minimizing procedure risk and reducing downtime. It's the smart approach to skin resurfacing that uses microbeams to create areas of treated tissue surrounded by untreated tissue, which provides faster healing and reduced side effects.

The patented Palomar® micro-fractional laser technology used at Oasis Skin Institute is the perfect choice for the treatment of wrinkles, acne and surgical scars, melasma, striae, unwanted textural irregularities, crow's feet, blotchy skin and more. It can be applied On virtually any trouble spot on the body - face, neck, chest, arms, legs.

Invest in a laser skin resurfacing treatment with Oasis Skin Institute and renew and your skin with the following techniques:

  • Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing: A simple treatment approach that promotes skin coagulation delivering excellent aesthetic results with minimal redness or swelling.
  • Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing: Deep skin resurfacing that lets us control ablation depths for single-procedure outcomes that get you back to your regular activity in as little as two days. The results rival those of CO2 fractional laser treatment, with fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery.
  • Combination Fractional Ablative & Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing: Palomar® technology has received the first FDA clearance for skin resurfacing procedures using a combination of ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers. Oasis Skin Institute's combination treatments offer a same-day approach to allow the tailoring of depth, coagulation, and ablation to an individual's needs - helping to maximize treatment outcomes while minimizing downtime.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks (Striae)

Using laser technology to treat stretch marks results in a clearer, smoother, more natural skin texture.

Millions of women have stretch marks, which occur normally as a result of puberty, pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain. This fact does little to alleviate the embarrassment that most women feel at the appearance of these unsightly striations on their skin.

Until now there were few options for stretch mark treatments. Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Palomar's fractional laser treatment for stretch marks, practitioners now have an excellent aesthetic solution for their clients.

Our Palomar® fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing laser minimizes the appearance of stretch marks with no downtime. The Lux1440 laser handpiece improves the unsightly color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, leaving clients with smoother, better-looking skin.

See also: Chemical Peels, Silkpeel™ Dermalinfusion™

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